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Riders must review conditions that exclude OFSC liability at www.ofsc.on.ca
Club Picturs
Our Collection
2017-2018 and Newer Pictures
Floating Bridge #2 Replacement
Bridge 1
Bridge 2
Bridge 3
Bridge 4
Bridge 5
Bridge 6
Bridge 7
Bridge 8
New Groomer
Groomer 1
Groomer 2
Groomer 3
Groomer 4
Groomer 5
Groomer 6
Groomer 7
Groomer 8
Groomer 9
Groomer 10
Groomer 11
Older Pictures
Bridge building
Renovation start now
A board at the time
This one is done
Nice job
Can someone try it?
Look! it's solid
Were're done
RSC work and play
Sign 29
Sign 30
Sign 31
Sign 32
Sled Ed
Lets go
Rideau Grand Raly 2005
Riders 2004
Dale's test run
Andre's test ride
Pic 299
Pic 300
Pic 211
Pic 308
Pic 314
Pic 315
Thanks RSC
Rideau Grand 2004
Rideau Grand
Rideau Grand 38
Rideau Grand 39
Rideau Grand 40
Rideau Grand 41
Rideau Grand 222
Rideau Grand 47
Rideau Grand 49
Rideau Grand 50
Rideau Grand 51
Rideau Grand 52
Rideau Grand 217
Rideau Grand 42
RSC Trail Pictures
pic 209
pic 210
pic 213
pic 231
pic 233
pic 234
pic 235
pic 237
pic 238
pic 239
pic 240
pic 241
pic 242
pic 32
03 Vintage Show & Go
A quiet family ride
Albert's Hus Ski
Ben's Allouette
Buck's Mimi Snow
Jason's low rider
Kirk's Snow Cruiser
I thought You put gas in it
Look ma no brains
Neil Green's Ski Whiz
Quick get the calendar
Sled Rick
The not so quick
The quick
What a drag
Trail Improvements
Fall 2001
Forest cleanup 2001
Heaphy Bridge redecking
Steven Creek Bridge 2a
Steven Creek Bridge 8a
Steven Creek Bridge 11a
Steven Creek Bridge 14a
Steven Creek Bridge 21a
New Dec 3

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